Thomson demos 100Mbps set-tops

French set-top company Thomson demonstrated two new boxes at IBC, set-tops which allow cable operators to offer 100Mbps broadband with home networking and content sharing using the MoCA (Multimedia over Co-ax Alliance) standard.

Thomson’s DCI708 set-top can be used for both standard and high-def TV using MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 coding, including 1080 line progressive HD. It is based on a new system on a chip device, which incorporates full support for Docsis and EuroDocsis, including channel bonding to achieve internet access speeds of up to 100Mb/s. The DCI804 set-top box offers the same features and additionally includes an internal disk recorder, using fast and compact 2.5” disk drives for local recording, timeshifts and downloading data from the network operator.

Integral high speed data connectivity gives the operator ready access for advanced interactive applications such as video-on-demand, said Thomson. Where the home has existing co-ax cable connecting rooms, the implementation of MoCA allows a single set-top box to distribute content to multiple rooms within the home, allowing the users to take advantage of home networking.

“Cable networks are looking to rapidly complete the migration to digital, using the inherent capacity for many high definition services and the ability to offer very high speed broadband as the key selling points,” said Georges Laplanche, Senior Vice President, Thomson Connect.