Canal Digitaal HD increases its offer thanks to Astra

SES Astra has announced the extension of a contract signed with the Dutch Canal Digitaal for the rental of a satellite transponder positioned to 23.5 degrees East to expand its TV in high definition.

With this agreement, Canal Digitaal will increase its already rich offering of high definition channels for the Benelux market on which transmits using two orbital positions.

At the moment the Dutch pay-TV has a total of 6 all leased transponders from Astra: four in the orbital position at 19.2 degrees East and two in the first position above to 23.5 degrees East where it broadcasts its channels in high definition.

Through these two satellites Canal Digitaal provides its services to well 900 thousand subscribers. The signal from the new orbital position is now received by the 50% of homes since it was launched in 2007.

To facilitate the receipt of two orbital positions was made available to the market a dual LNB allows to receive both satellites with one dish with a diameter of only 60 cm.

The leaders of Canal Digitaal were satisfied with the agreement stated that the new orbital position is very important for the development of pay-TV channels and high definition.