Ten million French use catch-up TV
Pascale Paoli Lebailly

Around 10.4 million French viewers watch catch-up TV, from time to time, reports Mediamétrie’s new Global TV survey. More than 1 in five people aged 15 years old or more have already watched this way a missed or favourite TV programme.

This practice is more usual among young viewers, with 44.8% of users among the 15-24 demographic and 33.8% among the 25-34.

If excluding those watching a programme already screened on TV, catch-up TV services have attracted 9 million people to catch-up on a missed programme, at least once. This proportion has risen 60% over one year.

And 6.6 million viewers have watched streamed programmes on their PC while 4.8 million individuals have watched a downloaded TV show.

Médiamétrie also points out that around 1.3 million people have used TV on-demand services offered by cable or IPTV operators to watch or re-watch a TV programme.

Nevertheless, personal recording (DVD, hard dics or video) remains the main device used to consume TV in a delayed way, with 17.4 million users.