Dutch Public Broadcasting will get less money from government

The Dutch domestic public broadcasters will only receive three quarters of the additional funding that had been promised in the Coalition Accord. Instead of an extra 100 million euros, that was designed as compensation for a shortfall in funding by the previous government, only 75 million euros extra will now be provided. That was announced in yesterday’s budget. The broadcasters have already received 50 million euros, and will now only get 25 million more for the remainder of the current government term.

The broadcasters are naturally disappointed, but the decision was hardly unexpected. Henk Hagoort, Chairman of the Management Board of Dutch Public Broadcasting (NPO), accepts that the broadcasters must bear their share of the financial burden as the government looks to make savings across the board. But he warned that the reduction means that the broadcasters will not be able to achieve all their ambitions, and will now be focusing on making efficiency savings.