CCTV broadcasts in Russian were launched

CCTV broadcasts in Russian were launched in the framework of the 60th anniversary since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Russia and China and the Year of the Russian Language held in China in 2009.
China Central TV is transmitting a Russian-language channel. A Gala concert was held to celebrate the launch which actually occurred last Thursday (Sept 10),

Reports BBC Monitoring.

The main goal of CCTV Russian language channel is to promote mutual understanding, cooperation and public exchange between China, the CIS states and other Russian-speaking countries and regions, CCTV Vice-President Zhan Chang Min told reporters earlier.

Broadcasts will be made through a communications satellite; the TV signal is to reach the Asian-Pacific region, the Middle East and Europe. Residents of the CIS countries and the Balkan states will be the main audiences, numbering around 300m, to watch broadcasts in Russian.

After opening the Russian language channel China will be broadcasting in six languages. Now, CCTV broadcasts in Chinese, Russian, English, French, Spanish and Arabic languages and it is also planning to begin broadcasts in Portuguese.