The trouble with audience viewing surveys

EMS Summer 2009 results show that 17.4% of affluent and influential individuals (close to 8 million viewers) watch Euronews every week.

This puts them ahead of CNN (in the same category) in 2nd place and with a 16.2% reach, and Sky News (15%). BBC World News has a 13.1% reach. CNBC has 7.1%, Bloomberg 5.7%, Al Jazeera English 2.4% and finally newcomer France 24 with a lowly 2.2%.

The trouble with audience viewing surveys is that one usually ends up with far too many ‘winners’. This year’s EMS-C-EMS study is just out, and while we cannot confirm leadership in every sub-category it does seem that Euronews has again done well, beating CNN and BBC World.
Euronews says it has expanded the gap between it and CNN, and that CNN has lost 200,000 weekly viewers since the last survey.

“Euronews again gained audience, among its most regular viewers. As it stands, the daily reach of Euronews is now 4.7%, compared to 4.4% measured on the survey last year. In contrast, CNN International lost daily audience and the channel again ranks behind Euronews,” said the broadcaster.