UPC, Pace to launch green HD receiver

Friday, September 18 2009,

UPC Broadband has partnered with Pace for the upcoming launch of a new high definition set top box which delivers strong environmental performance.

Designed specifically for UPC, the new HD receiver will be rolled out across the cable operator's footprint of nine European countries, including Ireland, starting from early 2010.

Adhering to Pace's recently-announced low environmental initiative, the box will be produced with a minimal amount of hazardous materials.

It will also be packaged in 100% recyclable materials and deliver low power consumption, including a stand-by consumption of less than one watt and a power efficient CPU.

UPC chief technology officer Eric Lennon said: "We are very pleased that Pace, as a long-term partner to UPC, has continued to develop set top boxes in line with our requirements including those for reducing power consumption levels of our digital TV service.

"This is increasingly important as we launch more sophisticated services such as high definition and work to achieve the right balance between technical innovation and environmental performance."

Pace president Mathias Hautefort added: "Pace has consistently gone beyond the standards, always meeting legislative targets in advance of industry deadlines, to give our customers complete confidence that their products are not just at the leading edge of digital TV technology, but also ahead of the curve in environmental performance.

"We believe our products are among the most energy efficient consumer electronics products in the world, but our environmental commitment is not limited to set top box performance. We look forward to our future work with UPC as we continue to lead in the design and development of low environmental impact set top boxes."

Yorkshire-based manufacturer Pace also recently showcased a new hybrid receiver with a fully-integrated 3D interface and embedded 3D graphics chipset at IBC 2009 in Amsterdam