Sonaecom and DST forge fibre partnership

Portuguese telco Sonaecom and DSTelecom (DST), a provider of wholesale Internet connections to ISPs, have formed a partnership to collaborate on expanding their fibre-optic networks in Portugal, according to reports in local newspaper Diário de Noticias.

The two companies aim to deploy next-generation networks in every region of the country, according to the reports. "Taking into account that we share the goal of bringing fibre-optic networks to the whole country, including the interior regions, we see this as an opportunity to generate synergies which are beneficial not just to us, but also to the Portuguese population, guaranteeing access to excellent service," said José Teixeira, Executive President of DST.

DST unveiled a plan in April of this year to invest €400mn over the next five years in constructing an open-access fibre-optic network in Portugal.