Inverto Digital Labs pledges HbbTV support

Inverto Digital Labs, based in Luxembourg, has become a supporting member of the new Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV (HbbTV) standard, and has stated that its retail high-definition hybrid set-top box platform Scena 6 will support the new standard.

The new set-top box platform will enter the German market in the first quarter of next year and will support a CE-HTML browser from French firm Pleyo, which is working together with Inverto to provide a rich selection of Web-based widgets on the box, such as news feeds, mailboxes, weather updates, Twitter, stocks and games. The platform is also expected to offer a selection of hybrid applications such as ARD's catch-up service for the 'Tagesschau' newscasts, access to ZDF's 'Mediathek' library with hundreds of on-demand programmes, and access to RTL's super-text service, which also combines streaming clips on-demand.

"The German market is leading a disruptive change, consumers in Germany will be the first to benefit from an enriched viewing experience that is significantly enhanced by multimedia over broadband," said Tomer Bentzion, CEO at Inverto Digital Labs. "HbbTV is the world’s first standard that approaches the opportunity for endless new services."