my new modefecation image of Evolution2.2 DM500 Maxvar Niro CCcam2.1.2 Mod Borsalino 21.09.09

whate new

-new bootlogo HD 
-Emu: CCcam 2.1.2 inside (start with blue panel withe volume button for the built-Emu )
-please send Cccam.cfg in var/etc withe ftp
-add Cccaminfo_v1.1inside in image inside (Yellow Button)
-add ECMinfo inside new for CCcam (Yellow Button)
-add nagrab recording in image
-Valid image of the original and clone dream 500s
-Changed the original skins withe the new skin Niro E1
-delet old skins
-big var naw 83% Free espace
-add 4 Language in demarge
-font size add
-Fast image to open channels with Cccam2.1.2
-send this image withe dreamup or falshwizare
-here screenshote
big var now 83% Free espace

skins NIRO

cccam 2.1.2 inside in image

all plugins inside in image

longuage in demmarage

menu niro


Evolution2.2 Maxvar Niro CCcam2.1.2 Mod Borsalino 21.09.09