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Thread: Cas3plus phoenix

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    Cas3plus phoenix

    Hello to all members,
    I would have some questions:
    -Is connection DM500S and Cas3Plus interface( in Phoenix Mode) via RS232 possible or not. I`ve read diferent Tutorials but with no success!
    -Is it possible DM500S, depends on CCcam config, in his own slot could read encryptions which regularly could`nt (Irdeto for example).
    Any suggestion would be apprecciated.

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    Re: Cas3plus phoenix

    Yes you can connect it through rs232......for irdetto cards you need some configurations to be done also you need to configure phoenix card reader (CAS3) in your cccam config file......

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    Re: Cas3plus phoenix

    I want to share my experience with CAS3.
    I have ga**a witch I watch more than a year with gbox but I decide to move to something new CCcam.
    My old multiprog will not do (3.57MHz-oscilation). Multiprog programmer will work with gbox, newcs, newcamd caedserver, but that all. I grab my new programmer Duolabs CAS3 Plus and after couple of days voala clean CCcam 2.1.2 server with CAS3 reading CAMMA card. No newcs+CCcam , because the zapping is slow ~300-450ms. Now my zapping is ~100-150ms. Work like a charm.
    I am sure everyone can do it
    *** Remove the word < Phoenix> from the statement SERIAL READER : /dev/tts/0 Phoenix ***
    The rest in CCcam.cfg is well known. CCcam 2.1.2 will automatically switch the mode to Phoenix on the serial port. Of course the smartcard frequency will be 6Mhz.
    Advice: I use last Duolabs Cas Interface Studio 8.6c. This allow me to close the application or turn off the PC and CAS3 programmer is still in Phoenix Mode, turn on the PC, CAS3 is still OK Phoenix Mode.
    Finally my expensive CAS3 will finish some work
    Regards SuN

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