Egypt boosts digital AM radio signals

Text of press release by digital transmission producer Grass Valley on 20 September

The Egyptian Radio and Television Union (ERTU) has placed an order with Grass Valley for two Thomson TMW 2050D 50 kW mediumwave digital transmitters and complementary antenna systems to upgrade its existing AM radio broadcast network and ensure reliable regional coverage.

The new Thomson DRM transmitters and antenna systems, which are now being installed in Cairo, Egypt, will be on the air in October 2009, with Grass Valley engineers providing complete design, installation, commissioning and training services. The installation required a special antenna design due to limited space available. ERTU has used Thomson transmission technology since 1969.

“Grass Valley is committed to advancing DRM technology for AM and FM radio providers by continuing to invest considerable resources in the future of radio broadcast technology,” Jeff Rosica, Senior Vice President of Grass Valley. “Broadcasters like ERTU will see significant improvements in their terrestrial service by using our latest generation of radio transmitters and antennas and that’s why we continue to sell many such systems around the world.”

By installing the new technology, ERTU will realize a significant reduction in operational and maintenance costs, thanks to the Thomson systems’ innovative design and configuration of its internal system components. Thomson antennas provide high-efficiency to ensure that programs arrive at the given coverage area with the lowest possible energy consumption at the broadcasting site.

Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) is the universal, open standard, digital radio system for short-wave, medium-wave, and long-wave digital radio for frequencies below 30 MHz. It has been standardized by the International Telecommunication Union, and Thomson is one of the founder members of the DRM consortium, which helped develop the key specifications.