According to a report from NexTV Latam

According to a report from NexTV Latam the deal comes about because of Empresa’s close links with Chilean broadcaster Tu Ves (Visiontel).

Bolivia’s National Telecommunications Company (Empresa Nacional de Telecomunicaciones - Entel) will start transmitting a DTH service on October 15, and will eventually include high-definition signals.

The offer will include three packages of 20, 40 and 60 channels. The service will be offered with PVR, an EPG and parental control. The Minister of Services and Public Works, Walter Delgadillo, stated that the nationalized Entel was an example for all companies since it was run by the State and yielded profits.

Entel will commercialize satellite antennas at US$10 and decoders at US$50. The president of the company, Leonardo Bascopé, told Sur Newspaper that subscription prices would be low since the objective was to "democratize" communication access and to reach as many families as possible.
Bascopé stated.

The official said that the project was aimed at creating more jobs in the country and generating income and utilities in the company

"Entel changes its direction because it completes an additional service for the list of services we already have,"