Vitaya to sell Flemish Discovery airtime

By Robert Briel
September 22, 2009 09.28 UK

The Belgian commercial broadcaster Vitaya has said it will sell commercial airtime on the new Flemish version of the Discovery Channel, which will start broadcasting on October 1 on the Telenet cable network.

Discovery will be available in the basic analogue tier of the cabler, as is the main Viataya channel. Reaching a male skewed audience, Discovery is a good addition to the Vitaya portfolio, which is mainly aimed at female viewers.

Yvette Mignolet, CEO of MAI/Vitaya, said in a statement: “Following the launch of our digital channel Vitality and the successful launch of the Vitaya Magazine in cooperation with Sanoma Magazines Belgium, we now take one step further. Cooperation with a qualitative and dynamic partner such as Discovery Channel creates many opportunities. We share the same values and both are experts in reaching women or men, a perfect couple with a strong complementary offering for Flemish viewers and advertising markets. This cooperation can only strengthen both partners work. ”