Guys, I need help with this installation :

Dreambox 800 HD
Spaun SUR 211 F Uncommitted switch with LNB1 and LNB2 inputs ( Each input has 1 Diseqc connected with 4 LNB's. i.e 8 LNB's in total are connected to the Switch thru 2 Diseqc's)

Does anybody know how to do the correct installation in the Dreambox Menu .. ?? Also the switch has a button with 3 options, uncommitted, tonebourst or something else .. what is the correct position .. ?

I have tried many attempts to play in the advanced settings page for the satellite installation but not all satellites came thru although I tested it before on an old Dreambox Gemini and all worked ... Even the ones that came thru take a lot of time and need to stay on a channel for a while to start seeing the picture ..

Thank you so much ...