Football: EBU wins TV rights for Euro 2012

European football’s governing body UEFA has reached an exclusive agreement for broadcasting rights of Euro 2012 matches with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). This deal covers 29 of 36 UEFA member nations for the tournament being co-hosted by Ukraine and Poland.

“UEFA is delighted to have reached such a significant agreement with the EBU,” said UEFA General Secretary David Taylor. “We are looking forward to working together to offer football fans across Europe an extensive coverage of the competition already during the qualifying phase of the tournament.”

The agreement will allow spectators in 29 countries to follow Euro 2012 matches on public channels - notably in Russia, Serbia and Turkey. In these countries a minimum of 27 of 31 matches will be broadcast live on non-paying television channels.

A tender for broadcast rights is currently underway in seven other countries, including Portugal and Hungary.

France, Britain, Germany, Spain and Italy are not part of this agreement.