Philips integrated IPTV sets

Philips Electronics has joined forces with IP software specialist, Global Digital Broadcast (GDBTV), to launch the first television set with a fully-integrated IPTV service, creating a platform which is seven times the size of Sky, it says.

Philips said: "In consumers’ minds, the TV is an effortless relaxation.
They would very much like to also enjoy online services from the comfort of their sofa. TV is not a high-interaction device, like a PC with a keyboard and mouse, where you have to sit up to use them, but more of a low-interaction device, with a simple remote control. The online services concept is a great way to blend these two experiences in an open and standardised environment and create an enriched consumer experience."

GDBTV has been at the forefront of IP software and services for the past three years, hosting and managing networks in America, Canada, Europe and the UK, as well as providing the software and platform for independent broadcasters to launch their own channels.