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Thread: Few Questions ..Help pls

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    Few Questions ..Help pls


    I am using progDVb 6.20.4 with Tevii s420 dvb-s card .

    Is there any software or progdvb plug-in that i can use to rotate the dish.

    Also where I get the uptodate Softcam.key file

    Which all xxx channel I can watch and what plug-in I need for that, which sat

    Many thanks

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    Re: Few Questions ..Help pls


    I've never use diseq 1.2 positionner with progdvb, but the question is

    -Is your PC-sat card is able to drive a positionner ?
    -Then is progdvb able too ? Maybe can you surch another My theatre...
    that is able to drive diseq1.2 positionner.

    You can find softcam key updated here
    But you need to navigate around this way to find more explainations and lot of good things

    I use a dreambox now & forgot my nexus card but I think you can watch some TVxxx channels with updated softcam key & enumation nor maybe vplug.You can use sharing too as gbox or hadu+cccam

    Sorry my bad english

    Have fun & enjoy sharing

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