Cable Germany launches smartcard switch

The cable operator Cable information from Germany starts after coming off the calendar week 40 a year ago announced his replacement by a new generation of smart cards. The program package of services, which is distributed via Astra 23.5 degrees East, was hacked some time ago.

In the first step, existing customers will get the digital package an announcement letter, it is explained in the upcoming draw, then the customer will receive the new smart card sent by mail with a request to destroy the old smart card.

According to DF both remain the favorites list in the digital receiver as well as the pay-per-view PIN after the exchange the same, only the Parental PIN to be awarded, it may subsequently be changed back again.

Up to 28 October 2009 is expected to close the card exchange.

Source: hdtv

Munich - With a year's delay, the cable network operator Kabel Germany from next week's smartcard switch starts, since the encoded program is hacked for years.

According to information available, the DF card replacement starts from the 40th Calendar week. Received in connection with a major barter deal by existing digital-mail a notification letter to the smart card swap operation. In a second letter will be sent to them, their newly developed smart card with the request that you will immediately destroy the previous card.

The Favorites list in the digital channels and pay-per-view PIN will remain unchanged after the exchange. Only a new youth-pin will be sent with the new smart card. This pin can be changed in the menu of the digital receiver again.

The cable operator had already pointed to the ticket exchange at the Sky Premiere predecessor to the "starting soon" card exchange, so far, but time is left (DF reported).

The exchange is on 28 Be completed in October 2009.