IP Vision, a UK-based independent IPTV provider

IP Vision, a UK-based independent IPTV provider, has signed a deal with Disney-ABC-ESPN Television to deliver movie content via its FetchTV IPTV platform.
FetchTV SmartBox is the new Freeview+ box in the UK that can deliver VOD content to the TV screen without any monthly subscription tie-ins. Customers buy the box, connect it to their current broadband supplier and choose and pay for just the content they want to watch.
This means that FetchTV SmartBox owners will be able to access features from the Disney-ABC-ESPN portfolio on its Fetch TV Video-On-Demand (VOD) service.

New movies cost £3.49 for 24 hours and library movies cost £1.99 for 24 hours.

While the service is to be welcomed, it would seem that it is not true ‘VOD’ in that the ordered-up programme has first to be partly downloaded to Fetch TV’s box. The company is also promising HDTV content, and again this could suffer from bandwidth constraints. Fetch TV, like the British Telecom ‘BT Vision’ service depends on conventional Freeview DTT signals to supply over-the-air TV.

Fetch TV says its technology works via a "progressive download" to the user, which means that once enough of a programme has been cached then it can be started without further need for buffering. "In most cases, and certainly for those with download speeds faster than 1.5Mb/s, this is more or less instant," says the company.

Fetch TV (and its parent company IP Vision) is backed in part by Joseph Haddad, founder of Netgem (and Netgem France is a shareholder.

The content deal covers premium movies including current releases such as Walt Disney Pictures' Bedtime Stories with Adam Sandler and Miramax Films' Doubt starring Meryl Streep. There is also a wealth of library titles available to view including Walt Disney Pictures' Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, Calendar Girls and Signs from Touchstone Pictures, and Miramax Films' The English Patient.