ARABSAT Selects OmniGlobe Networks EMEA To Deliver 12 New Backhauling Earth Stations.’

OmniGlobe Networks EMEA and ARABSAT – the leading satellite operator headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – informed about a contractual agreement for Omniglobe Networks EMEA to deliver 12 new backhauling platforms for the transmission of SCPC TV streams throughout the Arab world countries.

Under the terms of the contract, OmniGlobe will be responsible for the supply, design, integration, testing and commissioning of the broadcast contribution earth stations and all other associated equipment and systems, including earth station/RF chains/baseband equipment chains. OmniGlobe will be the first satellite communications supplier to produce small aperture antennas with associated RF compliant with ITU Appendix 30B frequency band, as offered across ARABSAT 5-A, set to launch Q1 next year.

ARABSAT already has a variety of satellites that deliver the highest downlink power and the widest coverage area over the MENA (Middle East & North Africa) region compared to any other satellite operator. ARABSAT-5A will be the latest satellite to be launched in the first quarter next year and will deliver capacity over the entire Africa and Middle East regions, as well as most of Central Asia.

“OmniGlobe is well-qualified to supply these backhauling earth stations to ARABSAT, having worked in more than 70 countries over a 25 year period; we have the experience to design, procure and deliver this turnkey project, and we very much look forward to working with them in order to fulfill this contract,” said David Harper, Managing Director of OmniGlobe Networks EMEA. “ARABSAT is very conscious of the need to evolve and develop to meet the needs of a changing world of communications. Our commitment to them is not just to the “here and now”. We will continue to support their existing network, and to develop new, customised solutions long into the future.” Using its wealth of experience and expertise, OmniGlobe has designed an innovative turnkey solution that meets both the stringent satellite operator system specifications and the best performance requirements. The project, which uses the latest state-of-the-art technology, involves the redesign of unique system components and offers the most beneficial link budgets, thus minimizing the operator’s ground infrastructure costs.

The 12 new TV backhauling platforms will provide high quality SCPC/MCPC satellite transmit/receive systems. Designed for continuous operation, they will be capable of receiving their own signals for monitoring purposes and will be equipped with extensive control and diagnostic functions, both on and off sites.
“We look forward to working with OmniGlobe Networks EMEA on the new ARABSAT- 5-A,” says Khalid Balkheyour, CEO of Arabsat. “This project will allow added capacities to be utilized for diverse broadcasting services, and we are eager to implement it in a timely manner, to match both our expansion strategy and our customers’ requirements.” The project, announced at IBC 2009, is due to start early October 2009. It is scheduled to be completed by early 2010.