Keywelt_V1_September SQUASHFS_2009

Known necessary changes:

with activated radio text, the mute icon to delete the text area will be damaged (should be false also in the CVS)
Menu Salad fixed
RT-CA-show icon when activated further to the right
double hyphen in the Personalize menu, remove
Format control of RGB centering test (CVS?)
revised edition of "df-h" in scripts account
Shortcutnumerierung in Personalize fixed menu
Whereabouts of avia_av_sptsfix.o and all other CW-specific modules and drivers to clarify
Remove unnecessary Softstandby entry in the menu
SysInfo adapt to new BusyBox
Image at current CVS state take to implement STS to be able to fix
superfluous Premiere Direkt EPG Remove
Review of the Web-IF reverse for additional display
TV channel launch fixed
Installation / deinstallation, ca * server check
Support info display fixed
msgbox, input, and clock SSAVER have been lost