Avanti Looking for Government Funding for Second Satellite

Even though it has yet to launch its first satellite, Avanti, the satellite broadband provider is fully expecting the partial funding of the second satellite to come from the government.

The government has made the promise that in order to provide broadband to all it will be spending around £200 million and Avanti is expecting to receive a sizeable share of this money according to the companyís CEO. The company have spoken very little about the launch delays of its first satellite, which has now been rescheduled for next year even though it has advised that an even greater number of services could be provided if enough funding is given for the launch of its second satellite.

The company originally had a deal with SpaceX for the launch of its first satellite, but with the slipping schedule of the Falcon 9 from SpaceX it decided to sign an agreement with Arianespace that is set to depart with its HYLAS satellite in May 2010, which means that the delays that have been suffered are not Avantiís fault.

Users with a 66cm dish will receive speeds of up to 2Mbps through the HYLAS but the HYLAS-2 can offer more effectively shared speeds of up to 10Mbps