AsiaSat 5 Commences Service

The brand new AsiaSat 5 communications satellite of Asia Satellite Telecommunications Company Limited (AsiaSat) began commercial service on the 17th September, at the orbital location of 100.5 degrees East with enhanced power, coverage and connectivity, for advanced satellite broadcasting, telecommunications and broadband services across Asia Pacific.

Launched on the 12th August, AsiaSat 5 is a Space Systems/Loral's 1300 satellite, carrying 26 C-band and 14 Ku-band transponders with a designed life of 15 years. It offers an enhanced pan Asian C-band footprint that covers more than 53 countries spanning from Russia to New Zealand and from Japan to the Middle East and parts of Africa. In addition to a powerful Ku-band East Asia beam, the new satellite also offers two new Ku-band beams the South Asia beam and a steerable beam at market demand .