megapack skin ipboxhd part2

32 skin for the ipboxhd with Enigma2
i tested all the skin again one by one and working on the 91hd enigma2 v0.55 without the "green screen"
i also updated the arabic font if its not included
-u have to install all the included "fonts" and the files inside "Converter" and"Renderer"
-if you install a "nemesis" skin you have to install also "Nemesis.SkinSuite.Shared"
but if you encounter problems and get "green screen" this is what you have to do without to reinstall E2:
- connect with your favourit ftp program to the box
-go to /usr/local/share/enigma2 and select the file "settings"
-with wordpad (or ay other editor)open the file and delete the line similar to this(offcourse the skinname depends on what u used):
-save the file back in box
then your box will start again with the skin_default
-this is the only procedure,it works always

megapack skin ipboxhd