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Thread: Playboy TV Channel Is Surfing The Web

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    Playboy TV Channel Is Surfing The Web

    Playboy TV Channel Is Surfing The Web

    Talking To Operators About 'TV Everywhere' Option Linked To Premium Channel
    by R. Thomas Umstead , 9/28/2009 2:00:00 AM EDT

    Playboy TV wants to take its brand of adult-targeted original content to the Web.

    The service is talking to operators about launching an all-inclusive linear and online option tied into the network's monthly premium channel, according to Playboy TV vice president of programming Todd Schwartz.

    With 70% of the network's viewers watching Playboy TV on a monthly subscription basis — and with a slew of new original series and content either currently on the air or in development — Schwartz said the network is looking at options to make it more convenient for subscribers to access Playboy video content on multiple platforms.

    “We definitely are exploring the 'TV Everywhere' model,” Schwartz said. “We're in discussions with the major cable and satellite players about how the television everywhere play will work.”

    Much like HBO and Showtime, he said subscribers looking to access the network's programming on the Web will have to verify their Playboy TV monthly subscription.

    Currently, the network mostly runs older reality series content such as Sexcetera and Totally Busted on for $19.95 per month. But over the next few months, Playboy TV will begin to offer full-length episodes of more recent original series online four to six months after they air on the premium channel.

    A TV Everywhere model would provide full access to all of the network's original content and movies, although Schwartz said there are no plans to stream Playboy TV in real time over the Web. is expected to launch a new video player sometime in the first quarter that will better enhance viewers' experience.

    Playboy TV's online-authentication discussions come as the network pushes aggressively into the original-series space. Since April, the network has premiered new seasons of at least one original series per month on weeknights at 9 p.m. That hourlong block is expected to expand to two hours in December, according to Schwartz.

    Among the new series that Playboy TV has launched: Show Us Your Wits, a game show in which guys who think they're getting a lap dance wind up competing in a quiz show to win various prizes; E-rotic, which explores sex-themed sites on the Web; Search for the Perfect Girlfriend, in which men explain why their girlfriends should appear in Playboy magazine; and Foresome, in which four single men and women shack up under the same roof for 24 hours.

    Last Friday (Sept. 25) the network launched its first “crossover” series, King of Clubs, a behind-the-scenes look at a family-owned Las Vegas strip club. “We look at it as similar to [TLC's] Ace of Cakes or American Chopper, but for Playboy,” Schwartz said.

    In development is a new competition series, Playboy Shootout, in which photographers and models vie for a feature layout in Playboy magazine.

    The network is also looking at a potential scripted series, according to Schwartz.

    “What will facilitate our growth is our programming, so we need content that is going to be targeted to adults but that can also appeal to mainstream audiences,” Schwartz said. “We're taking the approach that the programming should be sexy, but doesn't have to be hard-core sex all the time.”

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    Re: Playboy TV Channel Is Surfing The Web

    yeah, they miss the point... what we see today on playboy tv, only reality or sex show hosted by pornstar or anonymous girls... where is Jayde Nicole, Kara Monaco and the rest? why they not do emisions for playboy tv, why playboy tv does not do reality show about plaboy girls their life, gym, disco enjoy the day or night at palms like how e! did with girls next door, instant of reality with pornstar, audience hate those pornstar on your tv, because thy're without class and their show suck (sorry), agree the idea of HBO or Showtime i think is pretty good as all tv would do nowdays a big network to connect each other, but if you do not change the set regarding about programming you'll lose day by day your fans. Btw where are the playboy calendars ? you never released special parties like mardi gras or party at the grotto for no talk about the 90's shows (they're the best). Imo drop down those programs with pornstar and catch the style of oldschool as you're in the time. anyway for this program need mr.Heff... his doughter was never good to do the job "if she's still active", she should have continued the school or another job for better.

    thank you for the news!
    EDIT: do not think only the web, but in general playboy should change the structure and the style of programs, bring back the original playboy!

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