Bharti Airtel ups broadband speeds

Indian telco Bharti Airtel has boosted the broadband speeds available to customers of its triple-play services - but not by much.

Customers of its IPTV service 'Digital TV Interactive' - available in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida - can now choose the new 'Magic@Home Freedom 1 MB' package for INR 1,899 (US$ 40) per month, offering download speeds of up to 1 Mbps, and the 'Magic@Home Turbo' package for INR 1,499, offering download speeds of 512 Kbps which gets doubled to 1 Mbps at night.

“Our two new packages at 1 Mbps will open up new segments of the triple-play market, attracting heavy broadband users who will not only get the benefit of higher bandwidth but also experience our IPTV service," said Vikas Singh, Chief Marketing Officer of Telemedia Services at Bharti Airtel. "The Magic@Home Freedom 1 MB and Magic@Home Turbo packages also mark our strategic intent of taking our triple-play services to yet untapped sections of the market. Targeted at a niche audience, Airtel Digital TV Interactive continues to be appreciated for the truly interactive TV viewing and triple-play that it offers.”

Bharti Airtel already offers two triple-play packages with broadband speeds of 256 Kbps and 384 Kbps in the 'Magic@Home Value' and 'Magic@Home 384' packages, respectively.