Polish radio station sues rival for plagiarism

RMF FM, one of the most popular commercial radio stations in Poland, to sue its main rival Radio ZET for plagiarism. RMF FM launched legal action against Radio ZET at a court in the southern city of Krakow last Wednesday.

“Radio ZET is copying our ideas. (…) It has just started broadcasting literary radio adaptations; its news bulletins are now read by two radio announcers and it has introduced new weekend entertainment programmes. These are all our ideas,” says Kazimierz Grodek, deputy president of RMF FM.

However, the main accusation against Radio ZET is plagiarism of RMF FM’s SMS contest called “Wielka kumulacja” [Giant accumulation]. RMF FM started broadcasting the contest in January and Radio ZET followed, using the same name and formula of the programme. RMF FM wants Radio ZET to abandon the name “Wielka kumulacja”, make a public statement about plagiarism and pay 500,000 zloty (120,000 euro) compensation.

Radio ZET claims that it used the name before RMF FM and announces that it will sue its arch-rival.

According to the radio track report conducted by the SMG/KRC in August 2009, RMF FM is the most popular radio station in Poland attracting 24.5 per cent of listeners, and since 2006 its popularity has been growing every year. Radio ZET has 16.7 per cent of listeners and since 2006 the number of people who listen to it has been decreasing every year.