M7 Group consolidates Benelux DTH platforms

By Robert Briel
September 29, 2009 16.13 UK

The activities of the three Benelux DTH platforms Canal Digitaal Satelliet, TV Vlaanderen and TeleSat, will be consolidated into a single company, the M7 Group, in Luxembourg. The group plans expansion in further territories, starting with Luxembourg.

The M7 Group is based in Luxembourg and according to a press release, “The new organisational structure will result in a re-allocation of activities in different countries, with certain activities going to new and existing suppliers of the M7 Group.” The M7 Group said it has chosen in the different countries and language areas to continue to use the current brands, “so the visibility to the general public remains intact.”

Thibaut Hausman, Managing Director of M7 Group SA, said in a statement: “We are very pleased that with the launch of M7 we present at the same time a new platform. We hope that TéléSat Luxembourg will make a strong development just as Canal Digitaal in the Netherlands and Flanders, and of course TV TéléSat in Belgium”.

No financial details or information on the shareholders in the M7 Group were disclosed. See also our expanded story on the launch of TeleSat Luxembourg, which was published this morning (Tuesday, September 29).