I have a Twinhan Starbox with a panasonic Dish network Dual Head Dish. I want to use my USB reciver to get FOX programming. In another foroum somone mentioned i need a bigger dish, Is this true ? Can i use my Twinhan to Descramble NagraVision ??

i want to recive FOX broadcasts and record eppisodes of 24. I think the dish is already aimed at an EchoStar Bird. If i hook up the USB to the COAX dish on the roof, will it work automatically??? I used to have a panasonic reciver with the card i paid for every month. I ordered the Twinhan Starbox to tune this dish in and record FOX. WIll this work? Do I need any special software to get programming ???? What can I do with this 115$ Usb reciver?

do I have everything i need?

Somone please help, im growing weary of people making fun of me for not having knowledge about FTA recivers. I hear that I need MyTheatere to tune the pay channels. Is this true?


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