Problem on a tuner Ferguson HF8900HD arose up with the map of access of provider "NTV+" (НТВ+ 36) .
On a tuner part of package works only (although subscription on all) - BASE EXTENDED, other ductings on some reason are not opened.
As me it was revealed to, a problem consisted in software of tuner which must be changed.
On forums read, that if to change software, then all works.
I am not single with the problem. Help please to decide it.
With the best wishes.
Also, when using sharinga port Gladiator or Calypso works only part of the package. This problem is only with this provider.
This is due to the length of the query ECM, the program simply did not see.
Please pass this data to developers of software.
A possible solution is the addition of such a port as SSSP to use program MPCS.