HUGHES Supports Government Telework Initiatives with HughesNet Managed Network Services.

Hughes Network Systems, LLC (HUGHES), the global leader in broadband satellite networks and services, today informed that its HughesNet Managed Network Services offering now supports government telework initiatives. By delivering a single comprehensive solution encompassing multiple broadband technologies, HughesNet Managed Network Services ensures uniformly high-quality and secure services at all locations, enabling agencies to streamline administrative processes and lower costs.

“Telework initiatives are recognized as a high priority by the Obama administration, which has challenged agencies to streamline their operations and spend fewer taxpayer dollars,” said Tony Bardo, assistant vice president for government solutions at Hughes. “HughesNet Managed Network Services is an essential solution to help them deliver on both of these objectives. It supports incremental telework programs, resulting in increased employee productivity and enhanced continuity of operations by ensuring employees remain connected during an emergency; and it allows agencies to lower costs by outsourcing network services to a single trusted vendor rather than trying to manage an array of providers responding to inquiries.”