Freeview website crashes during switchover

The great Freeview digital TV retune, that took place yesterday, was supposed to have gone off without a hitch, but it had many Freeview users heading to the Freeview website for help, only to find that it had collapsed under the strain.

It was estimated that around twenty two thousand older set top boxes would no longer work after the frequency changes had taken place, meaning that some viewers got more channels, while others lost some.

The website, that had been especially set up to help viewers through the retune process, crashed under the strain, making life for Freeview users even more disappointing.

Viewers switched to using the phone and the Freeview helpline was at one time receiving around two hundred calls per minute from frustrated and confused users.

It should not have been like this, as the retune only requires pressing two or three buttons on the remote control.