By default Updating modules POWERCAM (> HD V2.0)
The version of your PowerCam and PowerCam Pro is now: HD2.0
The new version of software HD2.0 powercam is available since January 14, 2008.
This version aims to improve the multi-decoding with professional decoders.
Solves the problem with the MTV cards (German), TVN (Poland), Red Light, CSlink (Czech-slovakia)

How to update your PowerCam and PowerCam Pro?

1. Select a channel on Hotbird transponder 12092 H tp 69
2. You can view the progress of the download menu "UPDATE" your decoder.


For my part I select a channel by clear (string erotic) of 12,092 H and got back in the menu powercam then I selected French and update and said there's "progress downloading xx%"
attention to me the value does not change automatically I have to do ok for the% change but the update will download well
it takes a minute to download ...
then the display returns to the top with "initializing" and now appears "PowerCam_HD V2.0"
good update to all owners

if something goes wrong I'm around ...