Hispasat launch success

By Julian Clover
October 2, 2009

Arianespace has completed its 33rd consecutive launch success, carrying Hispasatís Amazonas 2 satellite into orbit, and paving the way for the launch of Thor 5 at the end of October. The launch vehicle lifted off at 18.59 local time (Wednesday) in clear skies over French Guiana.

So far this year Ariane 5 has launched seven commercial satellites and two astronomy spacecraft, a new record for the Korou-based launch vehicle. In addition to Hispasat, which will provide communications services over Latin America, the latest launch also carried the German Comsat Bw-1 military communications satellite.

In a statement, Arianespace said preparations for its next launch were already well advanced. The new rocket is now ready for transfer to the Final Assembly Building where it will be equipped with the payload of Thor 6 and NSS-12.