DTT/DVB-H launch in Poland

By Chris Dziadul
October 1, 2009 21.43 UK

DTT has officially made its debut in Poland, with services on a single multiplex being offered in a handful of locations including the capital, Warsaw.

The move follows a decision by the Office of Electronic Communications (UKE) to grant the public broadcaster TVP frequencies on the first multiplex (MUX 1) up until the ASO date of July 31, 2013, after which it will have its own multiplex (MUX 3).

Telewizja Polsat, TVN, Polskie Media (the operator of TV4) and Telewizja Puls have meanwhile been granted frequencies on MUX 1 until September 29, 2024.

Although TP EmiTel, a wholly owned subsidiary of the incumbent telco TPSA, is initially operating MUX 1, a permanent operator will be chosen by the stations carried on the multiplex within a month.

Separately, a DVB-H service operated by Info-TV-FM has also made its debut in Poland. Initially offering 12 TV channels, it is available in Warsaw and will be rolled out to nine more cities by the end of the year.