Dutch HD campaign launched

By Robert Briel
October 2, 2009

The Dutch DTH platform Canal Digitaal Satelliet and the Dutch branch of SES-Astra will launch a joint promotional campaign for HD television this November.

The campaign will run until the Vancouver Winter Olymics early next year. The two parties will emphasise the qualities of HDTV for the general public and the fact that satellite reception already gives access to a large number of HD channels.

Canal Digitaal Satelliet currently offers a bouquet of Nederland 3 HD, MTV HD, National Geographic HD, Discovery HD, VRT een HD, BravaHDTV, MyzenTV, Eurosport HD and History HD. In addition, satellite viewers can receive the FTA signals of Arte HD, Anixe HD and others a minimum of 14 HD channels, more than on any other distribution platform, according to Canal Digitaal.