Rekam and Caiway plan analogue switch-off

By Robert Briel
October 2, 2009 14.38 UK

Dutch cable operators Rekam and Caiway are the first in the country to plan a complete analogue switch-off. The two companies will announce their plans during a meeting of the programme councils tomorrow, Saturday, October 3.

On October 10, 2010 (10/10/10), the cablers will cease analogue distribution on their networks completely. Since 2007, both companies have offered free digital cable tuners to all their subscribers and around 80% of all homes connected are believed to have digital reception.

“Most current TV sets already have built-in digital tuners,” according to a statement by Rekam, “Now they will be able to better use them.” The operators will make inexpensive cable tuners available for additional TV sets in the home.

The two operators will use the freed up capacity to offer new HD channels and other digital services. At a later date they will launch a campaign around the switch-off, in order to inform their customers.