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Thread: How to MultiCAS 1.60 and CCcam

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    How to MultiCAS 1.60 and CCcam

    How to MultiCAS 1.60 and CCcam

    Easiest Way :

    Format Application Area.

    Flash with newest FW : 0.9.3501

    Connect on AzBox with FTP.

    Enter in /PLUGINS directory and create there directory called OpenXCAS , so You will have /PLUGINS/OpenXCAS .

    Inside of OpenXCAS , create file called module.seq .

    Inside of /PLUGINS/OpenXCAS create directory MultiCAS , so You will have :

    /PLUGINS/OpenXCAS/MultiCAS .

    Put inside of MultiCAS folder file : emu_module ( MultiCAS 1.60 ).

    On Your PC create file cccam.cfg with notepad++ ( This is very important that You use notepad++ because of linux letter formatting ).

    like example :

    cccam.cfg will contain :

    C: 12000 username password
    C: 12001 username password

    Transfer this file to : /PLUGINS/OpenXCAS/MultiCAS

    Restart STB.

    Now , enter Plug-ins -> OpenXCAS -> Camd Setup -> MultiCAS -> Smartcard Interface -> Smart Card Splitter & CS .

    You will see Mode OFF

    Use navigation buttons on RC and navigate on right side until You see :

    Client CCcam .

    Now scroll down to the Hostname and press Blue button and it will load for You C lines stored in cccam.cfg .

    Press Red button to save, go to login and press OK if all is ok it will write for You login success , if not login fail.

    Maybe when You load config it will go to Mode OFF but back on and data will be there.

    That is all.

    On Exit connect to All servers ? press Yes .


    Max 32 lines supported.

    Gracias a NeotionBox

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    Re: How to MultiCAS 1.60 and CCcam

    thnx for this clear explanation

    regards stef

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    Re: How to MultiCAS 1.60 and CCcam

    Quote Originally Posted by sami.sami View Post
    How to MultiCAS 1.60 and CCcam

    Max 32 lines supported.
    Now 16 lines supported

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    Re: How to MultiCAS 1.60 and CCcam

    And to get a c:line do you have to have your own valid subcription from a sat provider and then swap it with someone else via pm?
    So far i've not got past multicas and the latest keys, and i don't seem to be able to clear much other than digi!

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