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Thread: Ubuntu ccam server,24/7

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    Ubuntu ccam server,24/7

    Ubuntu cccam server,24/7,....a lot of HD chanels.

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    Re: Ubuntu ccam server,24/7

    I could be interested in an exchange of cline, could you please PM me one for testing? I have a good range of cards available.

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    Re: Ubuntu ccam server,24/7

    No! Send me PM with yours,I'll ceck the line and in a minute I'll send you back yours.
    This is for everyone!

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    Re: Ubuntu ccam server,24/7

    Don't ask for a line or don't send a line if you don't have minimul 2-3 cards in hop1,please! I am connected to my server like you will be so what I will see. I have in hop 1: orf full,hello basic+hbo hd+filmplus hd,focus,dolce,digi,akta. Full sky(ger-it-uk) in hop 2....
    Only european servers please!!!

    Google translation in french:
    Ne demandez pas une ligne ou de ne pas envoyer un message si vous n'avez pas de cartes de 2-3 minimul dans hop1, s'il vous plaît! Je suis connecté à mon serveur comme vous voudrez bien ce que je vois ... vous allez voir. J'ai en Hop 1: ORF complet, bonjour de base + HBO HD Filmplus + HD, focus, Numéro dolce,, akta. PLEIN CIEL (GER-IT-UK) dans les 2 .... hop
    Seuls les serveurs européens s'il vous plaît!

    Google trenslation in german:
    Nicht für eine Linie zu stellen oder senden Sie eine Zeile, wenn Sie nicht über minimul 2-3 Karten in hop1, bitte! Ich bin auf meinen Server möchten Sie wird so, was ich sehe ... Sie werden verbunden. Ich habe in hop 1: orf voll, hallo basic + HBO HD + filmplus hd, Fokus, dolce, digi, akta. Voll Himmel (ger-it-uk) in hop 2 ....
    Nur europäischen Servern bitte!

    Google translation in italien:
    Non chiedere per una linea o di non inviare una linea, se non avete minimul 2-3 carte in hop1, please! Io sono collegato al mio server come te sarà così quello che vedo ... si vedrà. Ho in hop 1: ORF pieno, ciao di base + HBO HD + HD filmplus, messa a fuoco, digi dolce,, Akta. Cielo pieno (ger-it-uk) in hop 2 ....
    Solo i server europei per favore!

    Google translation in dutch:
    Vraag niet om een lijn of stuur niet een regel als je geen minimul 2-3 kaarten in hop1, please! Ik ben aangesloten op mijn server zoals u zult zo zijn wat ik zie ... je zult zien. Ik heb in hop 1: ORF vol, hallo Basic + hbo HD + filmplus hd, focus, dolce, digi, akta. Full Sky (ger-het-uk) in hop 2 ....
    Alleen Europese servers please!


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    Re: Ubuntu ccam server,24/7

    :) It's a very strong server for now! Only good peers are accepted.

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    Re: Ubuntu ccam server,24/7

    Only hop1 accepted! Local are wellcome! Don't even try with fake cards! I ceck every line. Maybe not instantly...but the next day for sure. Few guys just....went out! :D


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    Re: Ubuntu ccam server,24/7

    Check it out! is better and better! Thanks for joing us!

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    Re: Ubuntu ccam server,24/7

    Message to all my parteners:
    PLEASE contact me with the clines we exchange! It was an fatal error on my server and I have to reinstall everything.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Ubuntu ccam server,24/7

    Ok! It's fixed! Waiting for new parteners! Same rules!

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    Re: Ubuntu ccam server,24/7

    Hi again! Let's try to make some new friends!
    Same rules. Read above pls!

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