MRB 306 firmware for MatrixCAM Reborn
Readme.txt - You are reading this!
mrb303.bin - Full binary file for CAS2 interface programming
mrb303.upd - Update file for PCMCIA/serial board method
Uload_software_flash.hex - Flash memory for Funcard5 and Funcard6
Uload_software_flash_FUN7.hex - Flash memory for Funcard7
mrb303_512_x_x.hex - EEPROM hex file for Funcard5
mrb303_1024_x_x.hex - EEPROM hex file for Funcard6
mrb303_2048_x_x.hex - EEPROM hex file for Funcard7
NOTE : Funcard/PCMCIA/serial board upgrade requires UCAS3.2 already in the MatrixCAM Reborn.
If you have ZCAS in your MatrixCAM Reborn, you need to change to UCAS3.2 using package.
- TPS AES KEY AU (Based on existing 28 known keys)
- Spice Platinum fixed