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Thread: Home sharing with 2 diablo wifi

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    Home sharing with 2 diablo wifi

    Hi there all
    and thanksk a lot for all info i allready read in this forum

    I have 2 diablo wifi (the type with 2 card readers)

    What i want to do is to use one of diablo like a server with a card inserted
    and the other one use like a client

    Now ... i use the cccam emu like a server and like a client
    All 2 cams is set with ip and is work with my wifi router.
    cam_server is
    cam_client is

    on cam_server i have the cccam.cfg:
    f: denis 123

    on cam_client i have the cccam.cfg:
    c: 12000 denis 123

    I put the cam_server on my decoder and it's work
    i can ping it and i can see it via http and ftp

    I put the cam_client into the cas3 and i use the utility in
    order to emulate the cam interface.
    i can ping it and i can see it via http and ftp

    Now... when i go to "Configuration" >> "Add on" >> "Servers status"
    i just take "NOT CONNECTED"

    Can anybody help me please

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Home sharing with 2 diablo wifi

    diablo work only as client we hope in the next future.....

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