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Thread: Titanium + ASTON

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    Titanium + ASTON


    Which firmware on ASTON to get back TPS with WLTDO / TMB ?


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    Good morning using lastest multicam firm and not Aston original one you will be able to work with titanium card.

    Have a nice day.

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    Re: Titanium + ASTON


    In fact, i thought i already have a multicam firmware but i just see i have a official one (4.08). Someone must have update my demo by sat aggrrrrhhh!


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    Re: Titanium + ASTON

    Can i convert the card reader on my Aston simba 201 LA?


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    Re: Titanium + ASTON


    I have just updated the Boot and aplication firmware with Boot B50001 and anatex12. Both found in the aston section. I have a digiquest 2000 which is the same as a simba.
    I used a dos flash prog but I think the ones on the forum are windows based.
    ask in the Aston section of the reciever forum.

    I can use fun Xin1 files on a fun card in the internal cams.


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    Re: Titanium + ASTON

    ok got a loader and *.txt s/w .
    My Aston simba 201 LA does not have a com port only RJ45, how do i make loader prog work?

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