Fire Distribution Beta" 2009.11.19


- eSata drives do not block the decoder anymore. However the recording/playing
using HDD eSata is not supported, yet.
We strongly recommend to use HDDs USB. The bandwidth allowed by the USB
standard, even if it's narrower than its eSata counterpart, is sufficient
for recording/playing HD streams.
eSata testers are welcome!


- Fixed bug: The wireless card is not properly recognized
- Fixed bug: The remote control blocks randomly (reported in the forum)


- Improvement: PVR has been significantly improved:
The recording and playback of HD channels using HDDs USB works as expected.
Pause/Play works correctly.
Forward 2x, 4x, 8x works correctly.
Rewind 8x works correctly (This is the minimum default speed).
What doesn't work yet:
Resume a playback.
Custom skip time works only for up to 60 seconds. Default values for
buttons 7 and 9 won't work.
Forward and rewind of 16x and on.
If for any reason you are in one of the above unsupported situations the video
and audio are frozen. For going back to a 'stable' situation just exit
the playback.
- Fixed bug #297: There are audio and video glitches when recording an HD channel
that has more than one AC3 audio pids.
- Fixed bug #298: CustomButtom plugin now works. (reported in the forum)
- Fixed bug #299: Sometimes enigma2 blocks when restarting.

Update package (this .tbz file):
- The disclaimer and requirements paragraphs were moved to the README.txt file.
Please check that file for information regarding this FD Beta distribution.

Download here