Hi out there,

I'm new into watching "more then FTA"
But thanks to this and other forums it was quite easy to find my way.
After reading a lot, searching a lot, there are still some open questions -maybe somebody wants to help me:

My system: Siemens DVB-C card ( Activy), multidec 8 ( 9 does not work on my win98), Astra 19

1)Is there anywhere a list with whats viewable ?
I know it changes every day, and it seems to depend on the setup - but still what is possible ? I don't mean something like lyngsat - I mean a list of what can be clear ?

By now I have only astra 19 and thtere is not too much out there beside FTA that works (ORF, some Canal Digital ...natgeographic, Xtremsport...) , so I would like to know - if I don't get everything that is possible on Astra and have to try better or If I should get a 2nd LNB for Hotbird. People are posting Taquilla schedules but I don't get them.
A list would really be great !

2) Is there a notable diffrence between S2emu ,V-Plug , Yankse , CAPI ?
Which one do you recommend ? shall I use them all at the same time ?

3) whats the best way, just to use one newest softcam.key or to edit them somehow and add the new keys to to the old files or combine some ...with which software or manualy ?
Mr Keys is that an author or a software ?

I guess thats all my questions for the beginning !

To the creator of this site: THANKS a lot ! It is so well structured and clear !
Oh and to people posting keys: Thanks !
and to the people answering my questions: THANKS for your help in advance !