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Thread: Important help!

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    Important help!

    Hello ppl. I'm a newbie in sat stuff and i seem to be facing more problems than i thought i would... :(

    I've recently bought an Infinity USB Phoenix programmer and a Funcard 6, whilst my receiver has an Ird?et? 2 CAM. Unfortunately, i've not yet found a solution hat will work out and unlock any channels. I've certainly read a loooot of relevant sites, but none of them explains in details how to start from "zero point".

    I mean OK... i do find some usefull keys for my CAM and the channels i like, but i guess that i have to edit them on an EXISTING eeprom. Though my card is totally blank (since it's brand new). So what do i do? Where can i find a "base" pic/eeprom on which i 'll make the several key changes?

    Finally, i'd like to know if there is a way to read a "protected card" (which denies being read by the programmer) and create a clone of it...? What software is needed for this (if it can be done...)?

    I'm not the kind of guy that expects ready solutions just by posting on a forum, not having searched a bit, but after a lot of reading on satellite sites i STILL seem to have unanswered questions. I really appreciate any answer that will be given...


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    Re: Important help!

    @ "NEXOT", Hi, if we could simply answer all your questions, we would. However there are various ways of getting answers to some lof them. Mainly searching and reading. Remember ROME wasn't built in a day. PATIENCE. As far as I know you cannot readily clone protected cards with "Infinity".
    Kindest Regards, Bill.

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