There is a file going around for WILDCARD which is fake and contains a virus please let urls clean this up b4 dling any at you own risk there is 1REAL 1 FAKE THE FAKE CONTAINS A TROJAN EXE :bigeek:

there is a public wildcard file with canal+nl
this file is not fake its oficial from wildcard team
the open channels is
Canal+ Rood 陰
眾 - Canal+ Blauw 陰
眾 - Canal+ 16/9 陰
眾 - TCM 陰
眾 - Hallmark 陰
眾 - CartoonNetwork 陰
眾 - Nederland1 陰
眾 - Nederland2 陰
眾 - Nederland3 陰
眾 - BVN-TV 陰
眾 - RTL 4 陰
眾 - RTL 5 陰
眾 - Yorin 陰
眾 - NET 5 陰
眾 - SBS 6 陰
眾 - TMF 陰
眾 - Nickel./Veron. 陰
眾 - V8 陰
眾 - Fox Kids 陰
眾 - Eurosport 陰
眾 - AnimalPlanet 陰
眾 - DiscoveryCh. 陰
眾 - NGC 陰
眾 - MTV Hits 陰
眾 - MTV Base 陰
眾 - VH1 陰
眾 - VH1 Classic 陰
眾 - Mezzo 陰
眾 - BBC World 陰
眾 - BBC Prime 陰
眾 - Euronews 陰
眾 - Lunapark 陰
眾 - Spice Platinum 陰
眾 陰
眾 陰
眾 testet in : 陰
眾 陰
眾 - Dragon Cam Pred. 3.11 陰
眾 - Magic Cam Penta 1.09 陰
眾 - Icecrypt Firmware 0.91 (Cam ID ALL) 陰
眾 - Aston Cam 1.05 陰
眾 - Dreambox internal Cam with Cam3d 陰
眾 - Matrix Rev. with MR.t 1.13a 陰


This is just information i obtained not so long ago i have not personaly tested the card i dont have one