Hi all,

I have good news and bad news.

The bad news first:
iDreamX is free of charge from version 3.

Since the development and support more and more time to complete, and the donation concept, unfortunately, does not really work, this step is unavoidable.
iDreamX will cost about 20 € and I hope none of you will be overwhelmed with it.
iDreamX will (if Apple lets me) published in the AppStore.

Now the good news:
From now on you can download a demo version.
This version is fully functional.
Note: to start an Internet connection is required.
(This does not transfer any personal data, but only checked the date)

Here are all the new features of iDreamX3:

-------------------------------------------------- ---------------
Language support:
- IDreamX is now running in different languages.
Currently supported languages:
- English
- German
- Dutch
- Danish
- Italian
- Spanish
More will follow. Who wants to help with the translation into other languages ​​can register at any time with me.

Bouquet tool:
- Button: "alternatives" are added.
He can show a list, which you can add drag and drop options for the selected channel.
Station alternatives are underlined in the list.

- In the context menu (all channels) is added:
· View new channels -> (Shows all channels that have been marked on the last scan as a "new")
· View channels with the same provider
· View channels on the same transponder
· Show channels with a certain frequency
· Do not remove all the channels used
· All non-hidden channels used

- Built-in search box above the "All Channels" list.
For faster search in the list. (Press [Esc] will delete the text to search)

- The channels in the bouquet users can now be renamed. (Only Enigma2)
· To rename: Menu: Edit -> "Rename"
· Renamed channels are shown in blue in the list.
· To reset a renamed channel, simply remove the name again.

- Channels that are in any user-bouquet are now grayed out.
- Channels are located in a user bouquet will now be shown in bold.
- New channels will be displayed in green.
- Channels for which the "Hide" flag is set, now in italics.

- When you remove channels from the list AllChannels, these channels are now also removed from the bouquets.

- Added Expert Mode ........

- The channel lists now can the satellite position are displayed.
Settings / bouquets / "show satellite positions," or the context menu: "View satellite positions"

Picon tool: (newly added)
- Allows management of Picon

Streaming Tool:
- The pop-up menu "bouquet" is replaced by a list box.
Facilitates the selection of bouquets.

- The pop-up menu "subchannels" is replaced by a list box.
This will appear automatically.

- The logo (picon) of the current channel on the box can now be displayed.
(Settings -> General -> Picon)

- The current channel on the box will now appear in green in the list.

- Channels that are not streamable without switching the box can now be shown "grayed out". (Only enigma2)
(Settings / Stream / "Show channels that can not be streamed directly into gray" or context menu)

Movies Tool:
- Export Movie ... menu: File added.
Converts the selected movie to any format. (For example, for h264 / iPhone)

- In the context menu: Edit Movie Description added. Keyboard shortcut [E]
Edited the film description. (Enigma2 only)

- Added new Search box
It can now: film title, film type and film description are searched.

- Right click on the movie description, you can edit it now.

- Replace the "Movie Locations" pop-up menu with a list box.
· Clicking on a movie location (movie site) shows the corresponding films in the list.
(Multiple selections are allowed.)
· Movies can be moved or drag and drop from one location to another copy
· Films can be of the "Finder" uploaded directly into a venue with drag and drop.
· To edit the locations click on the header, or right-click on the Venues

Telnet Tool:
- The Telnet window now has a "Quick Command" field, which you can drag, or double [Tab] Display button.
- By clicking the appropriate command is executed immediately.
(You hold it down [alt] key, the command is entered only in field)
- With a right-click the command can be removed, or edited.
- With a click on the headline, the commands are processed.
(This can also be accessed using the key combination [alt] + [TAB])

- The [Esc] (Escape) key will now delete the text in the input field.

- The key combination [alt] + [←] adds the command in the input text to the command.

In the Preferences -> General -> "Telnet", added.
- "Start Telnet session automatically" - When you call the telnet tool automatically starts a session.
- "Color issue" - on and off-color output telnet.

Control Tool:
- Added new remote controls:
- Dreambox 7020HD
- Vuplus Ultimo
- Blue Giga HD 800

Boot Logo Tool:
- The Logos: reboot.mvi shutdown.mvi and are now also supported

In the Preferences now the time zone can be set automatically.
Preferences -> EPG / timer -> "time zone offset: Automatically"

FTP tool:
- The FTP Tool is now a favorite area, which you can drag, or double [Tab] Display button.
· A click on a bookmark to the current tab switches to the appropriate path.
- With a right-click a favorite can be removed, or edited.
· Files can be from the Finder or from the FTP-list drawn on a favorite (drag and drop)
These files can be uploaded in the correct path, moved or copied.
· Subtracting a folder / link to a free field or on the header, it is added to your favorites.
(Hold down [alt] key, the name can be changed even before)
· By clicking on the headline ("favorites"), the favorite to edit.
· By clicking on the "star icon" in the current tab is added to a favorite.
- If a folder or FTP link in the list is selected, its path is taken.
- If nothing is selected, the path of the tabs will be accepted.

- The copy / move files to tabs is now INDEPENDENT device.
(You can now also move or copy files as a box of hard drive to another /)

- Cut, Copy, Paste, is now fully supported. (Also, Device-Independent)

- With a double-click on the "rights" column can now use the rights of the appropriate file to be changed.

- Speed ​​when dealing with many files improved dramatically.
Example: Upload 1,000 Picon. In the past 180 seconds, now 50 seconds.

Special Menu:
- Convert movie added.
Converts movies / audio files into other formats.

- Added Mount Mac folder in Box New
Easy sharing of Mac folders in the box. (Enigma2 only)
To share a Mac folder, pull it easily with drag & drop into the window, or on the [+] button click
and select.
The shared folders can automatically be set as a movie location. (For this just add the check mark)

NOTE: - The path of the folder can not contain special characters. (Also, no spaces)
- Only works if the box is awarded for a password.
- To confirm the administrator password must be entered the Macs.

Context menus:
- The context menu of many tools can now also use the keyboard by pressing the [X] are called.
Supported tools:
- Bouquet Tool (in all three lists)
- Streaming Tool
- EPG Tool
- Timer Tool Box
- Mac Timer Tool
- FTP-Tool
- Movie Tool
- Boot Logo Tool

Bug Fixes:
- Tool Bouquet: The bouquet of channels sorting now works again.
- Add Movie Location now works even if the box is awarded for a password.
- Download movies with '&' in their name again
- Fixed some minor bugs.