Se pare ca DIGI-TV si FOCUSAT primesc concurenta.
O noua platforma digitala se iveste la orizontul ... romanesc ! Fondata in februarie 2005 se pregateste de start.
Asta nu poate decit sa fie bine pt. noi clientii care avem de unde alege !

Informatii mai pe larg :

DIGITAL CABLE SYSTEMS (DCS), was founded by end of February 2005 and it is owned by a number of private shareholders, each of them being mainly involved in the CATV business. The shareholders have 5 up to 10 years of experience in the CATV business, owning their private networks that provide them with a stable income. At the same time, the shareholders cooperate together for a long time, and each of their cable companies have 50 up to 150 experienced and well trained employees, with average and high education. Given the spreading of their CATV networks, DCS ensures a wide coverage area for the future customer segment that we target, and at the same time provides already functional billing systems through the existent billing points of the CATV networks