South Korean IPTV subscribers predicted to hit 6 million

Louise Duffy | 06-11-2012

The number of South Korean households that have signed up for a pay IPTV service is expected to hit 6 million this week.

There were 5.948 million subscribers as of 28 October according to IPTV operators KT, SK Broadband and LG U+ and their industry group, Korea Digital Media Industry Association.

If the current trend of subscriber growth by 30,000 to 40,000 per week continues, subscribers are expected to reach the 6 million milestone this weekend.

KT's IPTV brand Olleh TV had the largest number of subscribers with 3.65 million, followed by 1.29 million for SK Broadband's BTV and 1 million for LG U+'s U+TV.

Industry officials expected the rapid growth of IPTV will continue for a while with more analogue TV watchers choosing to pay for IPTV rather than cable TV ahead of the nationwide closure of analogue TV broadcasting service by the end of this year.